Rosemary bath, to remove Brujerias, clean your home, business and shower. Asking for what you want.


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  • Brand Name: El Alquimista
  • Item Type: Shower Gel

Powerful bathroom with Rosemary esencai, to remove the strongest of the brujerias, with this bathroom you can clean your home or business, or you can shower. Asking for what you want, it is advisable to use velones opens paths or curses to enhance their effectiveness.

Rosemary is also used in clave clave of clairvoyance. Many mediums have used this plant to free their mind and have a clearer view. Thus, on coal coals, by inhaling smoke,Extrasensory experiences can lead to situations of becoming almost oracles.

Ritual: for personal cleaning, objects and the house.

Materials: Rosemary bath, green candle, oil and esoteric powder desatranhip, parchment, Rosemary incense.

Write on a parchment paper all the bad things you want to undo. Unleash the candle with oil and unlocking powder, light it in a safe place.

Burn the incense and pass it all over the corners and especially the corners of the House

Put a small amount of Rosemary bath in the water of scrub, cloth, or for you in your hand. Rub the surfaces to clean or your body, visualize how all negativity comes out and a protective halo remains.

You can Prayer according to your beliefs with faith and certainty that your request will be made.


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