Esoteric soap against envy and evil eye-gift 3 incense cones DORAZEN


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  • Function: Cleaning
  • Quantity: 1
  • NET WT: 80 grams
  • Brand Name: DoraZen
  • Item Type: Soap

Esoteric soaps are used from many decades to clean up negative energies and attract positive ones.

It is used as an conventional soap, its difference is that they are made with essences, herbs or ingredients that have been used since ancient times for rituals.

By teachers, healers and shamans of this bouquet.

Natural Magic is essentially an attitude, a communion between chaman or sorcerer and all that is the natural world, i.e. water, stones, plants, etc.

Natural Magic deals with the hidden powers of nature, natural powers, and is closely related to astrology and alchemy

This branch of magic not only deals with those things, but also with the influence of music, sound.

And in fact with everything that attracts the forces to give them a certain end.

It is not only the law of correspondence certain and fundamental in natural magic, but we must also take into consideration the law of opposites, because without it No result will ever be achieved.

Natural Magic can help order, go through and solve many of the minor crises and problems facing us today as individuals.

True, it’s not a simple solution to the world’s problems, but it can bring order to our lives and that’s a good start.

Jabon seven males 90 grams

Magic Soaps, or purpose soaps are made for specific purposes, few things are as much in contact with us as the soap we use for our cleaning, few things are so common and simple for us, so magic soap gives us all its properties in a simple way, And the way to use magic soap is very simple. Purpose soap is a means of applying magic to us, and getting desired effects in the simplest way. With the bathroom we clean our material body, but the implications for our being go far beyond. Using this artisanally made soap, with natural ingredients we will get, in addition to our body cleansing, spiritual cleansing, and a more positive mind. These soaps take advantage of the ancient formulas of traditional magic savory, to use herbs and essential oils, also serve the specific purpose to which each soap is dedicated. Every cleaning we use this soap becomes a magical ritual, which will increase our well-being.

Soap esoteric for use

Weight: 80 grams.

The shape of the cones of
Incense may vary from photo.


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