DoraZen double luck candle with energetic fluid-mystical Ritual to attract luck Esoteric candle ritualized wax Santeria


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  • Handmade: Yes
  • Model Number: VFDZ7DS
  • Shape: PILLAR
  • Product: General Candle
  • Brand Name: DoraZen
  • Origin: ES(Origin)
  • Use: Esoteric
  • Type: Ritual
  • Feature: Fluid fleece
  • Color: Light green-dark green

This fleece is used to attract general luck, energy health and physical body. In addition, it attracts success, helps to find a good job, attract love and passion and the entry of a quick money. Its essential oil is associated with physical health. With this ritual the evil eye moves away from the space in which it is lived. It is recommended to use this candle also for someone who is losing energy, and also to purify the space and attract health. Another of the properties it has is to attract abundance, prosperity and money, due to the green color of the candle. This ancestral ritual is carefully crafted with select ingredients and positive energy, it will give you the opportunity to open the doors to prosperity and success in all aspects of your existence.

Product features:

High quality: The double-lucky fleece is made of natural wax and essential aromas, ensuring uniform and durable combustion.

Special Energy fluid: the fluid that accompanies the fleece has been carefully prepared with plant extracts and essential oils, enhancing its magical power and attracting the energy of luck and abundance.

Detailed Ritual: includes precise and easy-to-follow instructions to perform the ritual effectively, maximizing its potential and ensuring positive results.

Versatility of use: this ritual can be performed at different key moments in your life, such as the start of a new project, the beginning of a cycle or at times when you need an extra boost of positive energy.


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