Beloved Woman bath, use cleanser irrigation every day and see as your family, your partner and the people who love you are interested in you, giving you love and passion.


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  • NET WT: 300 ml
  • Brand Name: El Alquimista
  • Origin: ES(Origin)
  • Item Type: Shower Gel

The Ruda baths are perfect for removing brujeria and evil eye, this gel is a concetration of the plant.

Ritual: Put a small amount of Ruda bath in your hand, soap all over your body as you say: clean, free and purify, visualize how it gets all wrong out of your body and falls down the sink in the shower. At the same time, it’s leaving A protection around you, wait 3 minutes and rinse,

On the way out, light a prepared Ruda Velon, to termize spiritual cleansing.

If you wish you can make the following prayer to the RUDA:

In the house where there is ruda, an angel greets us for there are so many of your virtues that by blessed you are held, you restore our health and bring us joy.

Blessed Ruda, mighty miracle Ruda, who on Mount Calvary, by the tears of Magdalena, shed tears for me, change my evils for love and bring me rendido to my dear ______ so that I no longer suffer sorrows or dislove. Whoever goes to the Mount and doesn’t get ruda, sees the Virgin and doesn’t say hello. I take a bath with you Ruda powerful, give Me luck and the man I want, health and of course money. For the drops of blood the King of Kings spilled I ask you to spill on my fortune, attentions work and progress in all situations. Bring me prosperity at the time of bathing with this water, so that you may spill on me prosperity, luck and bring away suffering. So I ask, rude blessed, that you give me many and good business, that between happiness and bliss in my body and in my soul, and for others too, that envy is bad, and so everyone happy, let’s enjoy your thanks. Amen.

RUDA prayer for fortune

Powerful green Ruda and perfumed powerful and magical plant that possess the power to transform the negative into positive, and wherever they have you you are augury of luck. Your secret is unparalleled, magical, strong, divine, powerful. I’ll take care of you and take care of you, you’ll never lack anything, no good land, no fresh water, so you can grow healthy and lozana, and like you grow up my fortune and good luck. There is No comparison, of the simple plants, you are unparalleled, pounds us from all wrong, and you bring us the fortune. That’s why your help I hope to water you at my door so that being open between love and money. Thank you powerful Ruda, plant that all transmutes and fortune procure.


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