VELON prepared with herbs and oil opens paths


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Powerful velon ritual consecrated to open paths, and overcome obstacles you just have to turn it on and you will notice how everything changes

Another ritual


3 envelopes Chamomile
1 saucepan
7 liters of Water
1 soap Nago da Costa

On Tuesday or Friday, boil in the pan chamomile for 1 hour. Wash normally with soap, rinse and then pour the chamomile bath over your head and over your entire body and say: chamomile is very powerful, it will help me cut any spell cast against me. Nothing and no one can against me, because I have strength and power

And then do this:

Dissolve a small pebble of alum stone in a glass of water, light a white fleece and place the glass in front.

Take a knife that the blade is still inside the handle (plastic handle binders are no good) and see cutting the water by sticking the tip of that knife into the glass and you ask it to cut all what would lock you up and back you up, let your paths open, let our obstacles dissolve, etc. Then pass the knife around the body starting with the head until you reach your feet, and you’re asking that all those ties be cut off, all that disturbance, all that evil eye, you have, when you get to your feet, you put the knife back on the water in the glass.


Put that glass under your bed until the candle goes out, if it lasts 5 days I have 5 days. The candle can be far from the glass.

You must go to a herbalist and buy yourself:

Granulated soy lecithin, (not capsules)

Infusion of Ginko Biloba (for us it is a sacred and millennial plant) 1 or 2 cups per day.

Vitamin C (if better solgar)

Beer yeast, you throw 3 tablespoons of operas to some broth, stew, etc,

At least follow these guidelines for 15 days and tell me how you’re feeling.


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