VELON prepared with herbs and oil JUAN DEL VOLTEO


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Light this famous fleece with faith and you’ll notice how you turn that situation around.

With the blessing of God’s great powerI invoke the spirit of don Juan del VolteoTo turn over all kinds of witchcraft and Magies,Enchantment, enchantment, separation, amarre,Envida, chisme, fight, betrayal,Bad energy, bad vibrations,

False and natural diseases,Atrancamientos, obstacles,Lit candles, lit lamps,Work with spicy, work with black fleece,Work with dolls, voodoo,Jobs with dead, with shadows,Goblins, bad spirits,Syrians, sortilegios, spells, shipments, burial,Spiritual and body damage,Have my enemies known and unknown to me,Stained and non-stained,Hidden and not hidden,Visible and not visible, Man or woman,So you can help me turn all the bad faith around,Bad works, bad thoughts,Bad desire, bad intentions,Of all my enemies
Oh don Juan del volteoYou who are the owner of all the ill-foreseenHelp me cut in God’s name,All the evil they ‘ve done to meEither they’re doing, given or thrown,In any evil of my enemies,Give me light and clarity to my life and my ways.

I know it will soon return to my life and my family’s,
Peace, tranquility, prosperity,
And all evil and hatred will go away,
All envy and bad desire.

It is.

RITUAL to do the flipping

Light a candle,
And when it’s consumed up to half,
It shuts off with a spoon or with wet fingers,
Never blowing
Turns, turns on the bottom,
And it is said:
“As I turn this fleece,
In the same way I turn any work or damage,
Material, spiritual,
Physical or mental
That they made me, they’re making me
Or that they want to do to me.”
And it’s left until the whole fleece is over.
The remains of the fleece are thrown away.


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