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Powerful extract attracts money. For money rituals,

ThePerfumesThey have always had a fairly strong symbology within the world ofEsotericism. And it doesn’t attract attention at all, as fragrances suggest a lot. In addition, each ingredient has its meaning and can thus offer all its qualities to whoever uses it. Formulas exist for everything, of course.

In this case, thePerfumeIt proposes servesTo attract money. It is simply based on combining yourPerfumeFavorite with a series of essences and a little rite with incense.

  • Your favorite perfume bottle
  • Five drops of cinnamon essence
  • Five drops of sandalwood essence
  • Five drops of essence attracts money
  • Five dropsEssence of LUCK
  • One sandalwood incense, one cinnamon and one benjui incense


Take the perfume you usually wear and place the drops of cinnamon essence, of sandalwood, ofLuckAnd it also attracts money. Mix well to integrate. Light the three incense, with the idea of the smoke reaching the perfume. Light a pink candle and also another orange, surrounding a glass with water and another with wine. Meanwhile, ask for the money you’re missing, call the spirits and Saints they believe in to concentrate there and fulfill your request.Let the candles be completely consumed.

Now, the ritual will be done and the perfume of money ready to be employed.You have to use it every day for cquie come good fortune. Accompany using in your home the quoted incense to remove bad energy and attract good economic vibrations.


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