Dragon’s Blood Resin Purification, Protection, Exorcism Incense Dragon Blood Powder

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  • Usage: Dragon’s Blood Resin
  • Material: Dragon’s Blood Resin
  • Model Number: Dragon’s Blood Resin
  • DIY Supplies: Dragon’s Blood Resin
  • Origin: Mainland China
  Dragons Blood resin
Also Known as: Red rock, Xue Jie
Farming: Wild Harvested
Dragons Blood is a resin ( sanguis draconis) that comes from a Draco type palm tree.
Dragon’s blood has been used for its antiviral activity in wound healing. One compound found in Dragons Blood is Taspine which helps to reduce inflammation.
Dragons Blood has a sweet soft scent which is why it is popular in incense.
In many religions and rituals, Dragon’s Blood is used to heal, protect or banish. Dragon’s blood ink is used to write intentions and to dress a candle to power up
Dragons Blood is now being added to many skin care creams due to its anti-aging benefits
This resin from a palm tree is burned to entice errant lovers to return. This is usually done by women seated near an open window, looking outside at night. The dried resin is a powerful protectant when carried, sprinkled around the house or smouldered as incense. It will also drive evil and negativity away when burned.
Attributed to Heh and Pe by the Kabbalists (Aires and Mars) Dragons Blood is also an incense of Fire. It is especially good when mixed with other incense, and acts as a boost to their potency. Dragon’s Blood comes from the fruit of the Draco trees, and looks like boiling blood when you put it on the charcoal.
In American Hoodoo, African-American folk magic, and New Orleans voodoo, Dragon’s Blood is used in mojo hands for money-drawing or love-drawing, and is used as incense to cleanse a space of negative entities or influences. It is also added to red ink to make Dragon’s Blood Ink, which is used to inscribe magical seals and talismans. The red resin of Dragon’s Blood was used in ancient times as varnish, medicine, incense, and dye. Traditionally, dragon’s blood is used externally as a wash to promote healing of wounds and to stop bleeding. It is used internally for chest pains, post-partum bleeding, internal traumas and menstrual irregularities. Dragon’s blood incense is also occasionally sold as red rock opium to unsuspecting would-be drug buyers. It actually contains no opiates, and has only slight psychoactive effects, if any at all.
A pinch of Dragon’s Blood added to other incenses increases their potency and power. To quiet a noisy house, powerder some Dragon’s Blood, mix it with sugar and salt, and place in a bottle. Cover this tightly and secure it somewhere in your house where it won’t be found. You’ll have peace and quiet.
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