Consecrated VELON bound and nailed


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Write on this velon to the person you want to strap and nail, tie it with bitter oil and tie it with red ribbon,

I conjure you ______ in the name of Jesus, Maria and Jose. With this spell I reconjure you to come to me as manso as lamb and full of love and attention to me, creature of God to think only of me and make it full of love: I conjure you my man in the name of domino’s spirit, I conjure you your five senses, Your judgment, your thought, and your will: have that ________ be mastered in the present and in the future. That when I see him he sees me. When I hear it he hears me. When I look at him he looks at me. When I touch it he touches me. And when I sigh him. So his five senses will be tied to me in one thought by God and the same nature. Amen. (Pray a father of ours) domain


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