Activated defumation lamp sneeze camphor Sagrada Madre-Sahumerio incense for cleaning stays, spaces and people-Natural and ecological sahumerian incense with ECO stamp


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  • Brand Name: AROMASENSES

New range of activated defumation light bulbs from the Holy Mother family, completely organic light bulbs, composed of completely natural and ecological herbs and resins, powerful Starling fragrance, camphor, ideal rough for complete cleanings.


  • Styrax: power positive

  • Camphor: clear and balance the mind

  • Frankincense: purification and healing

  • Myrrh: Cleaning and clarity

  • Rosemary: Connector

  • Ruda: Protector

As used

Lighting a sahumerian of holy mother is a sacred and purifying act. It increases the feeling of calm and well-being by attracting positive and harmonious energies to all who are in contact with this sacred smoke.


  • Content:8 defumation bulbs activated.

  • Duration:Approximately 8 minutes of defumation bulb activated.


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